From New York Times bestselling author Melissa Marr comes a brand new contemporary fantasy novel about an unassuming librarian who discovers that she has fallen in love with a witch.

Ellie loves working in her local library. She loves baking scones and investigating disappearances in her spare time. But all of that is about to change when an intriguingly beautiful woman appears as if out of nowhere. The pull between them is undeniable, and Ellie is not sure that she wants to resist.

Prospero is a powerful witch from the magical land of Crenshaw. She is driven to save her dying homeland, and a prophecy tells her that Ellie is the key.

Unbeknownst to Ellie, the woman she has fallen for is a witch–and clearly a liar, but Ellie still can't resist even as she is thrust into a community college for newly awakened witches.

Prospero is often accused of being ruthless in her goals and ambitions, and Ellie may have the answer to saving their dying magic.

What’s a witch to do?

Remedial Magic