The photographic picture book, with story and photographs by the author, shows the magic and majesty of wild horses in the deserts of Arizona. Merrilee Heifetz at Writers House negotiated the deal.

ABOUT WILD HORSES (from the book jacket)

Gorgeous photographs and an evocative text sing the praises of a real-life herd of wild horses running free in Arizona, in this ode to the beauty of these glorious creatures.

Between one breath and the next, / the Wild Horses appear.
Gliding through trees, / weaving between cactus and rock.

In beautiful poetry and vivid photographs, Melissa Marr shares her feelings of awe while watching a real-life herd of majestic wild horses in Arizona. When they appear, the wind itself seems to stand still. They are grand in their movements as they do all the things horses do–splash through rivers, care for young, stomp and whinny. It is clear they are not tame, and this is part of their beauty and power. How lucky are we to be able to witness their strength and speed and magnificence!

COMING 14 JUNE 2022 via Penguin


In breathtaking photographs and lyrical text, the beauty and strength of wild horses are brought to life before the reader. Crisp, vivid photographs depict these majestic creatures interacting with one another, enjoying cool water, running, stomping, and rearing. Poetic text corresponds perfectly with the photographs, describing the horses and their activities and conveying the wonder and unique magic wild horses bring to the world. Vibrant double-page spreads and short sentences make this an excellent choice for story time as well as a draw for young horse and nature lovers. Readers will grow to appreciate the beauty of wild horses and will be left thinking deeply about the importance of protecting these creatures and their natural homes to ensure their continued survival. A lovely dedication to horses whose photographs will leave readers in awe—and a beautiful addition to children’s collections.— Selenia Paz