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1. Can I order signed copies?

Yes. There are a limited number of hardcovers with bookplates that are signed by all three authors. There are also paperbacks (unsigned) and ebooks.

​2. Why buy through the authors directly if I don't want the signed hardcover? 

Well, the paperbacks and hardcovers all include an ebook download, too. 

3. Can I order this through my usual store?

Definitely! You can order via Amazon, B&N, or Apple. More links to come! 

4. Can I get this through my library? indie store?

YES! We love libraries and indie stores! The book will be available on Ingram & Overdrive, so you can request your library carry it and/or ask your indie store to order it for you. 


5. Why do I have to order via only Melissa's page to get the signed+ebook copy or print+ebook copy?

Someone has to do the math...and I got the short straw? ;) Actually, it's because I am set up for shipping. I started selling signed books on my page because of the pandemic. Plus, shipping from Canada is more expensive overall.   

6. Why is shipping so much??? 

I wish I knew! I can ship via U.S. post within the U.S. for $5 (for up to 2 books). To ship outside the U.S., I input the weight, address, & the shipping app tells me what it costs. We charge what they charge.  We do not add the cost of envelopes, ink, bagging, delivery to post office.  

Amazon & the like ship so much that they can roll the cost into "prime" & not charge shipping. To offset the cost, we include a free ebook download. 

​7. How much is shipping to the Denmark/Israel/Australia?

There is a button specific to region (US, CAN, Some European Nations/AUS). If yours is not listed, my assistant can look it up, so just email. We can generate an invoice for you AFTER you know the cost.

8. Why did I get an error message?

The system wants to give you the download the moment you order...but it can't. So it may say "contact the seller," but if you have a receipt, you are fine. You may, of course, double-check by emailing.

9. What if I want it signed to someone other than the name on my PayPal receipt? 

Email and tell us.

10. Shipping address/tracking.

PLEASE check the address on your shipping & the email there. We ship to that & send the book & tracking to that email address.

11. What about the UK?

As of January 12, we have been notified that there must be a VAT number to ship to the UK, & we must collect 20% & pay quarterly VAT--as a result of BREXIT. As we do not HAVE a VAT number currently, sales to the UK have been paused. 

12. I have more questions . . .

Email :)

Girls Night Out has never been so much fun--but what are they going to do with all these bodies?

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors Kelley ArmstrongJeaniene Frost, and Melissa Marr deliver a sexy summer read with this novel-length anthology containing three all-new stories from their Cursed Luck, Night Huntress, and Faery Bargains worlds. Kennedy, Cat, and Gen are just trying to enjoy their respective getaways, but when immortals, vampires, and witches come out to play, things are bound to go awry. Let the supernatural hijinks begin!

 Pre-Order Paperback  $14.99 ​

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Email to ask ANY OTHER Shipping​ *includes ebook

Signed Hardcover (limited quantity) $24.99

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