New Releases in 2014:

JULY 2014: We have MOVIE NEWS!!!

(Quick Synopsis: Weta Digital & their production arm, Pukeko Pictures, have joined the film team.)

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Recent & Current releases:

May 2014:

Odin's Ravens

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Norse Myth, dead gods, monsters, friends, & a fight to save the world.

Sept 2014:

Made for You

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The boy she loves, the best friend who's in danger, and the stalker who leaves messages on the bodies of her friends

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  • CARNIVAL OF LIES (ebook only short story prequel to CARNIVAL OF SECRETS; DECEMBER 2014)

  • LOKI'S WOLVES (Blackwell Pages , Book #1)--  Norse myth, monsters, & 12 year olds trying to stop the world from ending​

  • DESERT TALES: A Wicked Lovely Novel-- A WL world story set in the Mojave Desert.  See where Keenan was during the events in Radiant Shadows.

  • THE ARRIVALS-- Weird West, monsters, a Western world, and gun-toting monks

  • "The Strength Inside" (a short story)-- Really, who hasn't wanted to attack the Home Owner's Association?