April 2021​ Book 2: The Kiss & The Killer​

Under a Winter Sky: A Holiday Fantasy Anthology


Four powerhouse authors of fantasy and urban fantasy bring you a feast of romantic midwinter holiday adventures. These heartwarming and pulse-pounding tales celebrate Hanukah, Christmas, the solstice, Yule – and holidays from worlds beyond our own. With fancy-dress balls, faery bargains, time travel, blood sacrifice, and festive cocktails, these stories will delight lovers of fantasy and romance, with a dash of seasonal joy. 

Ballgowns & Butterflies by Kelley Armstrong

The Long Night of the Crystalline Moon by Jeffe Kennedy

Blood Martinis and Mistletoe by Melissa Marr

Echoes of Ash & Tears by L. Penelope

The next installment in a new faery and fanged world written by the author of the internationally bestselling Wicked Lovely series...for readers of Patricia Briggs, Chloe Neill,  and Jeaniene Frost.

Half witch, half killer, wholly unsuccessful at every Faery Bargain so far...

Geneviève Crowe makes her living beheading or resurrecting the dead in near-future New Orleans. After entering an accidental engagement, overcoming attempted murder, and discovering a family secret,  Geneviève is ready for things to settle down, but carnival season in New Orleans is not the best time of year for "normal."

When Eli Stonecroft, the faery who has claimed her heart despite her best attempts, offers her a new faery bargain--she's smart enough to say no . . . right up to the point when she has to decide between dealing with the consequence of this faery bargain or facing the killer alone.

As the draugar mix with the locals and tourists, and bodies start to pile up, Geneviève is enlisted by the faery king and the draugar queen to find the killer amidst the swirl of parades and parties of carnival season...  

Available in hardcover, paperback, & ebook.

This novel length book includes the winter 2020 novella, the summer 2021 novella, and a third novella.

  • Includes Blood Martinis & Mistletoe from the UNDER A WINTER SKY anthology 

  • Includes ​Daiquiris & Daggers from the HEX ON THE BEACH anthology 


  • a third (new!!!) novella

Geneviève Crowe makes her living beheading the dead in near-future New Orleans where draugar, again-walkers, are faster and stronger than most humans. 

But now, her magic’s gone sideways, and the only person strong enough to help her is the one man who could tempt her to think about picket fences: Eli Stonecroft, a local faery bar-owner.

Then human businessmen start turning up as draugar.

Suddenly, the queen of the again-walkers and the wealthy son of one of the victims, both hire Geneviève to figure it out. She works to keep her magic in check, the dead from crawling out of their graves, and enough money for a future that might be a lotlonger than she’d like.  Neither her heart nor her life are safe now that she’s juggling a faery prince, murder, and magic.

Winter 2021  The Fanged & The Fae

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The Wicked & The Dead

Out now in the NOVEMBER 2020 in the UNDER A WINTER SKY anthology 

​Coming May 2021 as an Ebook Stand-alone

Blood Martinis & Mistletoe 

Half-dead witch Geneviève Crowe makes her living beheading the dead--and spends her free time trying not to get too attached to her business partner, Eli Stonecroft, a faery in self-imposed exile in New Orleans. With a killer at her throat and a blood martini in her hand, Gen accepts what seems like a straight-forward faery bargain, but soon realizes that if she can't figure out a way out of this faery bargain, she'll be planning a wedding after the holidays. 

The Wicked & The Dead

​Faery Bargains Book 1


Adult Urban Fantasy 

“I loved The Wicked and The Dead! A sassy, ass-kicking

heroine, a deliciously mysterious fae hero, and a wonderful mix of action and romance. Add that to Melissa's usual great world-building, and I'm already looking forward to book 2!"

– Jeaniene Frost, NYT Bestselling Author

"Wow! You all seriously want to read this. It's an urban fantasy - very cool twist on vampires - with a heroine simultaneously so kickass, warmly human, and passionate about the world that I want to be her. I also want to be her because of the insanely hot Eli, her fae love interest. . . .Get in on the ground level with this series, because it's going to be an auto buy. Highly recommend."-- Jeffe Kennedy, award-winning author and SFWA Board Member

Late 2021/Early 2022  The Hexed & The Hunted

Girls Night Out has never been so much fun--but what are they going to do with all these bodies?

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors Kelley Armstrong, Jeaniene Frost, and Melissa Marr deliver a sexy summer read with this novel-length anthology containing three all-new stories from their Cursed Luck, Night Huntress, and Faery Bargains worlds. Kennedy, Cat, and Gen are just trying to enjoy their respective getaways, but when immortals, vampires, and witches come out to play, things are bound to go awry. Let the supernatural hijinks begin!

Coming July 2021

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