Quick Facts:

  • Killers from different eras transported to an alternate world
  • Adult SFF
  • Paperback edition available June 2014!

  • Initially published in July 2013 in the US, Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand.  

  • Fall 2013 in German.

What People Have Said:

“[The Arrivals] explores the awesome fantasy/Western conceit of a place where weaponized monks, vampiric ‘bloedzuigers’ and other monsters roam…[Marr] straddles the line between world-building sci-fi and interpersonal, intimate drama…You’ll definitely want to saddle up for this one since its core concept…is just too fascinating to ignore.” – USA Today

“Marr manage[s] to evoke powerful emotions and [keep] the narrative moving at a gunshot pace…a tight, emotional story about relationships, trust and confrontations in a strange world.” – Tor.com

“Marr’s sociopaths, romantics, and heroes are flinty and endearing; the spooky creatures, gunfights, mind-melds, lust, and love are diverting; and every facet of this clever fun tale is stoked by peppery social commentary.” – Booklist

“The Arrivals is wicked, weird, and fun; Marr’s imaginary world feels vividly, almost unsettlingly, real.” – Ben H. Winters, author of The Last Policeman

“Original and quirky, [The Arrivals] is a fun summer read.” – The Washington Post

“The Arrivals may be the weirdest Western yet.” – Wired

“A book that sneaks persuasively into the reader’s mind.” – Library Journal

“Marr imbues [The Arrivals] with an unconventional spirit that makes everyone—displaced humans, demons, deluded villains, scary critters…and frustrated locals—vivid and surprising.” – Locus

“[The Arrivals] blends disparate elements and conventions in smart and engaging ways…unique, refreshing and entertaining.” – Bookreporter.com

“Marr creates an absorbing world that draws in readers.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Marr’s worldbuilding expertise is on clear display in her latest…Readers are dropped into an engaging, vivid universe, similar to the Wild West, but with demons.” – RT Book Reviews

From the US Cover:

The Arrivals is the second novel for adults by internationally bestselling author Melissa Marr.

Chloe walks into a bar and blows five years of sobriety. When she wakes, she finds herself in an unfamiliar world, The Wasteland. She discovers people from all times and places have also arrived there: Kitty and Jack, a brother and sister from the Wild West; Edgar, a prohibition bootlegger; Francis, a one-time hippie; Melody, a mentally unbalanced 1950s housewife; and Hector, a former carnival artist.

None know why they arrived there--or if there is way out of a world populated by monsters and filled with corruption.

Just as she did in Graveminder, Marr has created a vivid fantasy world that will enthrall. Melissa Marr's The Arrivals is a thoroughly original and wildly imagined tale about making choices in a life where death is unpredictable and often temporary.