Step 1: You send me an email with a brief note on what you're seeking and any timeline information. I will reply with an address to send an excerpt of your text if I can possibly take on the project. 

Step 2: Once I receive the excerpt, I will give you a quote (hours expected and estimated rate) if I can be of use to you.  50% of the fee is due in order for me to start.

​Step 3: Once I receive that deposit, I will read the manuscript, inserting notes via Track Changes or on paper. These notes are focused on story development, world building, character, pacing, and point of view. I often cannot resist light copyediting; however, this is a developmental ​edit not copyedit.

Step 4: If the hours increase as I am further into your manuscript, I will notify you prior to continuing.  Think of it like dealing with a mechanic. You can opt to have me continue to the estimated number of hours in the initial quote or increase hours.  If I finish in fewer hours than estimated, I will also let you know that. 

Step 5: I will notify you that I am done. You will send the other 50%. Upon receipt of that, I will send your notes.

Step 6: OPTIONAL. After you revise, you can request a copyedit round via my assistant (who does all of my CE and has done so for various of my colleagues) or a second pass round with me. 


I am best known for fantasy, often dark and folklore based, as well as romance. In the past eight years, I’ve been a judge for various awards, including romance (Romance Writers of America), YA thrillers (International Thriller Writers), and YA horror (Horror Writers of America). I am very open to all of those genres.

I am a voracious reader of most types of romance, most YA, MG, and contemporary fiction.

I’ve edited several well regarded anthologies and taught short fiction at university.  I am very open to short fiction.

At this time, I will not edit erotica, hard SF, military fiction of any sort, picture books, technical thrillers, inspirational fiction, most nonfiction, or screenplays. I also do not read or edit any sort of “eye dialect.”


If in doubt, ask.  This is a side business, so I have to feel that I can be beneficial to your writing. Further, in order to offer my services, I must feel an interest in the text. 

Please note that I have no bias against the individual or types of texts I cannot edit. Selection is entirely based on my ability to help you and to enjoy the process.  I am a believer that work—while taxing at times—should also be fun and educational in some way. I’ve chosen my careers and jobs (university teacher, outreach teacher, writer, mother, bartender, archaeology site laborer, waitress) with that belief in mind for twenty-plus years. I see no need to change it.

Further, please also note that my editorial services do not come with introductions or quotes for use with agents, editors, or authors. 


You can reserve a spot on my calendar up to three months in advance with a deposit. Refer to the process information at the top of this page, and when you reach out, please note that you are requesting a reservation for X month. If that month is still open, I'll let you know when I reply.


See my CV for the long version.

The short and dirty version is that I taught university, and I’ve been successful (both in commercial terms and awards/recognition) in various genres as a writer.  I sold my first book in a major international deal, and my three following deals were 7-figures deals. Some of that is luck, but some of it is that I know writing.  My years teaching university enable me to look at my own books with an eye towards polish and precision.  

My texts are available in more than twenty-five languages, have hit bestseller lists in numerous nations, received multiple starred reviews and awards, and can be found on state reading lists and YALSA lists.

Writing is a joy, but I love getting to edit and teach, too, so I'd like to help you make your book the best it can be--both for you and because I love doing so.


I miss teaching, and I am trying to travel less. (I have a three year old.) Over the last decade, editing anthologies has helped with that urge, as has beta reading/critiquing for various authors. So I'll be starting to offer editorial services in a very limited capacity. I'll only accept a few books or short stories per month. If you're interested, the information--and endorsements--can be found by using the pull down menu.  

​If you aren't interested in editorial services/ended up here accidentally, please return to the author pages :)