June 2020:  Except under rare cases, I am currently closed to edits.

I started this because I miss teaching, and I'm trying to travel less. (I have a seven year old.) Over the last decade, editing anthologies has helped with that urge, as has beta reading/critiquing for various authors. I'm teaching via Dallas Writers Workshop (you + me + 6 months of book drafting & editing work together). 

As a result, my availability to edit really varies by month.  

If you're interested, the information--and endorsements and rates--can be found by using the pull down menu or by following the links in this sentence.  

‚ÄčIf you aren't interested in editorial services/ended up here accidentally, please return to the one of the other pages or wander off into the weird world of the internet or outside to hike or visit your local bookstore or library :)