Rags & Bones: New Twists on Timeless Tales

(Melissa Marr & Tim Pratt, Editors; Little, Brown, 2013)

  • My story: "Awakened"  (selchies tale; inspired by Kate Chopin's The Awakening)

Shards & Ashes

(Melissa Marr & Kelley Armstrong, Editors; HarperCollins, 2013)

  • My story: "Corpse Eaters"  (Nidhogg is real; society crumbled; inspired by Norse Myth)

Faery Tales & Nightmares

(Melissa Marr; HarperCollins, 2012)

  • The anthology: Collection of many of my short stories 

Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions

(Melissa Marr & Kelley Armstrong, Editors; HarperCollins, 2011)

  • My story: "Mortal"  (Keenan's story after Darkest Mercy)

Teeth: Vampires Tales

(Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, Editors; HarperCollins, 2011)

  • My story: "Transition"  (sociopathic vampires)

Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy

(Ellen Datlow, Editor; St. Martin's, 2011)

  • My story: "Guns for the Dead: A Graveminder Story"  (Frankie Lee's attempt to find a job in the afterlife)

Home Improvement: Undead Edition

(Charlaine Harris & Toni L. Kelner, Editors; Ace, 2011)

  • My story: "The Strength Inside"  (the trouble with the Home Owner Assoc; murder; immurement)


(HarperCollins, 2009) 

  • My story: "Two Lines"  (zombie summoner; glaistig; romance)

Half Minute Horrors

(HarperCollins, 2009)

Love Is Hell

(HarperCollins, 2008)

  • My story: "Love Struck"  (selchie tale)

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    CHILDREN'S NOVELS (Grades 4 and up):

    The Blackwell Pages (with Kelley Armstrong)

    • Loki's Wolves (2013)

    • Odin's Raven's  (2014)

    • Thor's Serpent (May 2015)

    PICTURE BOOKS (baby/toddler):

    Bunny Roo, I Love You (April 2015; illus Teagan White)

    Baby Dragon, Baby Dragon (Coming March 2019; Illus Lena Podesta)