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Young Adult:

1. Wicked Lovely World (AGES 12+; 5 novels, 1 connected novel, and assured short stories)

  • Wicked Lovely (2007)

  • Ink Exchange (2008)

    • "Stopping Time"(Short Story; Irial/Niall/Leslie)

    • "Old Habits" (Short Story; Irial/Niall)

  • Fragile Eternity (2009)

  • Radiant Shadows (2010)

    • "Cotton Candy Skies"(Short Story; Rabbit)

  • Darkest Mercy (2011)

    • "Unexpected Family"(Short Story; Seth)

    • "Merely Mortal" (Short Story; Keenan)

  • Desert Tales (2013; ebook, paperback, & audio only)

2. Untamed City (AGES 13+; 1 novel and a short story)

  • Carnival of Secrets (Originally published as Carnival of Souls, September 2012)

  • "Carnival of Lies"(Short Story; Aya/Belias)

3. Made For You (stand-alone thriller; 2014; AGES 14+)

4. Seven Black Diamonds (JANUARY 2016; AGES 12+)

5. sequel to 7Black Diamonds (2017; AGES 12+)

ADULT NOVELS (These are not for young readers):

1. Graveminder (Ages 17+)

  • Graveminder (2012)

  • "Guns For the Dead"(Short Story; available in Naked City and as an ebook original) 

  • Stay Where I Put You (ebook original and an audiobook). 

2. The Arrivals (Ages 17+)

  • The Arrivals (2013)

Other books (New Adult romance written as "Ronnie Douglas"):

PSEUDONYMOUS ME-- the pseudonymous version of me wrote a few New Adult romances. The first was self-published as part of a 12 book series with friends.  Then I sold two more to HarperCollins (my YA and adult fiction publisher). 

You can read an excerpt on USA Today and read about it in RT Magazine (print & online). To read more about Ronnie's books, go to my alt website.


(Ages 18+)

(September 2015)


(Ages 18+)

(February 2016)