About my BABY DRAGON  (catalogue page here):

I wrote this book in 2014 when my then-toddler was . . . well . . . terrifying the children at the playground.

My son was walking by 7 months, swimming by 2 years old (no floaties), and I had contractor fencing in my house to keep him from scaling the outside of the staircase. He is precocious in his athleticism. 

As I write this, he is 5 years old. He rides BMX, has started parkour, swims faster than I can, and is still rather frightening in his energy levels.  Some kids gravitate to him, but a lot find his zip-zoom-let's go higher scary.  This is, in truth, a result of the drug exposure in utero. His birth mother's addiction means that he's still a bit like a hummingbird--all energy and motion. As his mom, I find him beautiful, but he's also fierce. He's my dragon child.

And I, for my exercise and entertainment, practice medieval swordfighting. No, not pretend, SCA, or stage (although those are all neat too!). I swing steal swords with the intent of fights. No choreography here. (Yes, I have broken bones.) 

So when I looked at the initial art, my only request was that the wee girl and a few others be armed. Life with a dragon requires swords, ferocity. Life as a woman requires the same.  My talented artist, Lena, did so with glee and skill.

So I present to you a story about a dragon and his bestie, a story about a wee girl who doesn't stick to the traditional path, a story about friendship and ferocity.  I hope you and your own son or daughter or both (or just you as an adult or teen) enjoy it. 


A dauntless lass and a hyperactive dragon learn to keep pace with each other as they forge a friendship.

Baby Dragon loves to swoop and soar through the kingdom, which can cause quite a stir. But one little girl is up for the challenge of spending the day with Baby Dragon, and the two embark upon an exciting journey through the kingdom, where they run and race and climb and explore‚Äďand eventually even take the time to relish a quiet moment. New York Times bestselling author Melissa Marr has crafted a rollicking story about how the best friendships expand our horizons in all kinds of ways!